Discover what it takes to start a Business
Starting a Business is a huge and thrilling step - Get it right the first time! Boss Maker will show you how!
Your Business Start-up Success on Steriods
Start up Business Advice
Starting A Home Online Business
Writing a Business Plan
Top Small Business Ideas
Start up Business Advice
Starting A Home Online Business
Writing a Business Plan
Top Small Business Ideas
Helpful Business Advice to get you started
George Pennant’s Boss Maker: is a compact and complete book outlining and answering the important steps needed to start and run a successful business. The books showcases acclaimed worldwide business specialists to chart the path to running a prosperous business. The interviewing style of George Pennant, a serial entrepreneur, drills down into each subject and embraces a practical easy to understand indispensable guide. Subjects such as how to identify a winning idea and how to successfully bring it to market is captivating making this a must "have" for anyone planning to start a business. After the Boss Maker experience you will be better prepared, better equipped to enter the world of business ownership.
Inside Boss Maker
Is Starting a Business for you?
Are you ready to work really hard for as long as it takes?

Do you have something people want to buy?

Will you be able to attract customers?

Are you willing to learn new skills?

Can you cope without always having a steady income?

Do you have the support of my family and friends?

How do you know you have a Good Idea?
There is a simple way to find a "killer" Idea, find out how with Boss Maker
What will you offer your customers?

Who are your competitors and what  do they offer?

What’s new or different about your idea?

How much will you need to charge?

What skills will you need to run your business?

What else could affect your business, like the seasons

What licences or permits you may need?

How many hours will you need to work?

What you want to achieve and how you plan to do it.

Any future plans - to expand or offer
more services later on for example.

Who your customers are and how will you market your business to them.

Who your competitors are and how they might affect your business.

What else could affect your business - like the weather or seasonal trends
Business and Marketing goals
Business needs money
What your income and expenses will be for the next year or so, including wages, taxes and stock costs (called a forecast).

What you must earn to meet running costs (called a break-even analysis).

What loans you have (or will need) and what for.

What assets you own and their value.

How much money will you put into your business yourself.

Where not to look and where to look for start-up finance.

Free bonus when you purchase Boss Maker
Local Marketing Secrets a 17-Part Video Course On how to Sell your product or service to a local market.

Preparing yourself for business - mentally, financially, physically
Researching and developing your idea
Identifying - and understanding - your competitors
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